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  • I'm not flexible. Can I still do yoga?
    Absolutely! This very common holdback among people should be dissolved once and for all. Yoga actually helps you to become flexible, so the sooner you begin practicing the better!
  • I have health issues and body pains. Will I hurt myself?
    Yoga is so broad and inclusive that you are almost sure to find the style that works for you, your body type & your level of comfort. Consult with your yoga instructor to tailor each class to your benefit. Instructors always should have modified poses they can offer, as well as advanced and moderate level.
  • Do Men practice yoga?
    Yes! In fact, more and more males are beginning to try yoga out and love it day by day!
  • How often should I practice for best results?
    I recommend 3-5 times a week. That way you have a couple days rest but not too long of a break. Keep your body moving and flowing ;-)
  • What are your refund/return/shipping policies?
    No refunds No returns Shipping varies but MOST items in our shop will be received by you within 7 days
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