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Our Mission

To improve & maintain a lifestyle of pristine health & wellness

Our Founder

Khalidah J. Medlock

Lidah Luv Fitness was founded by Khalidah Jewel Medlock a.k.a. Lidah Luv. LL Fitness was born in 2015 from a personal need of relieving anxiety, depression & mind clutter due to traumatic events that occurred in her life. She first became a certified Zumba instructor & taught dance exercise classes in Chicago. Then Khalidah transitioned into pole dance at FLG & found it was not only fun but a perfect overall body shaper. Next she began her yoga journey. She moved to Atlanta to try on a new environment & create peace & balance for her mental & physical health. She began her training at CPY in Midtown ATL & then moved back to Chicago to complete a second training program in Hyde Park. Yoga had a major impact on helping Khalidah have an outlet & a release of life’s daily struggles. Now she gives back that gift to others who need it. “When I finish a class & people cry & hug me, I know I am doing God’s work.” LL Fitness is headquartered in Chicago, IL with a focus to expand globally. Clients can practice & participate in all of the wellness programs & classes via web or in person.

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